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CNK Insurance and Reinsurance Broker have a well-established structure in the sector in understanding the insurance applications since 1985. 

With its experts in Insurance and Reinsurance applications, risk management and risk consulting and with its technical infrastructure it has a strong structure that can offer services in every region of Turkey and also outside of Turkey. 

Has an aim to serve corporate, individual, international companies, government agencies, associations, small to medium-sized companies. 

CNK works to provide the most convenient and comprehensive advantages for the customers within their purchasing power in the agreements that will be signed with Insurance and Reinsurance Companies. 

Our vision is: as we emphasized in our slogan ‘We Know Risks’ as a team we know the definition of the risk best.


CNK Broker Team 

The productivity facilities of the brokers in the insurance business are increasing day by day. Here, the target is to find out the true insured customer, insurance company and the reinsurance company in order to unit them with the convenient conditions with the balance of demand and supply. This union should be in harmony to construct the future basic business. To disperse the variations in the insurance business and to provide the variations among then companies and to be a good consultant when required is being the genuine insurance and reinsurance broker.

I hope the insurance brokers in my country will carry out this mission to a much affective strong line on the world as their colloquies in London did. Although the general insurance premium production it Turkey is less than the European Union, I believe that the present positive developments in the economy and the EU integration period will compensate this deficiency. Turkish economy, through the demand and supply equity will compensate the deficiency in insurance production and will present the product variety and quality together.

    With my best wishes,

Cenk Babadogan

Cenk Babadoğan




Address: Akdeniz caddesi No:1 Reyent Ishani
Kat:2 Daire: 201/209 35210 Pasaport
Izmir - Turkey


Phone: +90 232 441 34 80
            +90 533 659 35 90

    Fax: +90 232 441 79 21


E-mail: ofis@cnkbroker.com

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