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Privacy Policy 

CNK Insurance and Reinsurance Broker Ltd.Co. (‘CNK’) respects everyone’s privacy who visits website (‘website’). 


Any information collected about the website visitors will be used primarily to provide the requested or demandable services and then for the purposes of the company to be able to provide better services. CNK undertakes to not to share the personal information which has been collected for this purpose with a third party and/or institutions for other purposes. 


CNK may disclose users’ information to third parties in the following cases. These are;

  1. 1. Obligation to comply with the rules imposed by the law in force, laws, decrees, regulations, etc. issued by the competent legal authority. 

  2. 2. To fulfill the requirements of the ‘User Agreement’ which CNK has entered into with users and other agreements and to put them into practice

  3. 3. Requested by the competent administrative or judicial authority , requested information about  the users in order to conduct an investigation or prosecution in accordance with the method of execution access

  4. 4. In cases where it is mandatory to provide information to protect users’ rights or security 


This website contains links to other websites. The websites that doesn’t start with internet address are the ones which don’t have any relation with the website. CNK has no liability for the content or privacy policies of the other websites. The other websites have different ways to collect information and privacy protection applications than CNK. Therefore it is important that you take a look at the privacy applications of all the other websites that you visit. 


Besides the terms specified here anyone who visits our website and/or requires services will be deemed to have read and accepted the terms specified in the Website Terms of Use. CNK doesn’t accept any responsibility for the material and moral damages that would arise from hacking, cyber attacks, and malicious software or for leaving ineffective protection system through reverse engineering. 


You are deemed to have accepted CNK Privacy Policy by using this website. CNK always reserves the right to make any changes, additions or deletions in this policy. Your continued use of the website after the changes in the terms and conditions means that you have accepted all these changes.  


The terms of the Privacy Policy and the User Agreement and any changes that may be done by CNK from time to time bond both parties. No claims against CNK contrary to these provisions can be made and no rights may be invoked unless otherwise agreed in written. 


Neither CNK nor preparers of any content on this website, employees or people and organizations authorized by the website have any civil and criminal liability for the material and moral damages arise in the future from not reading the mentioned conditions or from not acting appropriate to these conditions even though they have been read.


This Privacy Policy is an integral part and attachment of the Website Terms of Use that is between both parties and if any of the conditions become invalid the rest of the agreement and the User Agreement maintain their validity. 

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