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Terms of Use 


All the users (‘Users’) who have access to (‘Website’) which belongs to CNK Insurance and Reinsurance Broker Ltd.Co. (‘CNK’) that has been established under the laws of the Republic of Turkey and continues its presence and located at Akdeniz Street No:1 Reyent Business Center 2nd Floor Apartment no:201 35210 Pasaport-İzmir-Turkey, shall be deemed to have accepted the following conditions when using this site.  


Any type of information, file, picture, number, visual, literary and auditory images (‘content’) that have been published or that are access able on the website do not involve any commitment about any subject to any person or/and any organization. The information on the website does not contain any purpose of giving instructions for people or organizations, does not intend to steer them in accordance with any legal direction and it does not constitute notification.


The information published on our website may be published by indicating the source but the usage of this information for commercial purposes is subject to the written consent of CNK.


Even though CNK tries its best to make sure that the information published on the website are posted as up-to-date and accurate information; CNK has no way given any commitment or guarantee express or implied warranty regarding the accuracy or completeness of these information. 


The users will be deemed to have accepted clearly that CNK has no liability or obligation for the direct or indirect loss or damages that will arise due to the usage of the information published by once they enter the website. 


All the texts and/or services on the website can be changed, disabled, erased or suspended by CNK without prior notice to users. CNK will not be liable for the loss and/or damages that would arise out of or arise from the transactions that would be carried out due to or based on the information which have been published on the website or from inability to access the website/content.


Errors or lack of/incorrect information or outdated information can likely occur due to human errors, technical or other factors. CNK is not responsible for any of the error or lack of information on the website system. 


CNK does not guarantee or undertake that there won’t be any viruses or similar destructive features on the uploaded files, does not guarantee or undertake that the website would be accurate and seamless and/or the results that can be expected from the use of the services; CNK also is not responsible at all for any information or images that are on this website and for the failures, errors, omissions, interruptions, viruses, delays in transport, including but not limited with the damages caused to the result of force majeure and loss that would arise during the usage of the website and for the operations and act and other acts of the website users and third parties.  


This site belongs to CNK and some of the information in the site is published by CNK its own and some are published providing from other resources by CNK. Any information that is accessible through the links on our website is published by the related establishments and is in no way binding CNK. 


CNK is not liable for carrying out any of the obligations specified in this contract late or missing or for not carrying it out at all under the circumstances including but not limited with cyber attacks, natural disasters, riots, war, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power failures and bad weather conditions , outside the reasonable control of the party concerned, unforeseen and couldn’t be avoided events although shown the necessary attention, unavoidable events etc . and for all circumstances considered force majeure. It can’t be claimed compensation under any name from CNK in case of force majeure reasons. 


Privacy Policy that is in the website is an integral part of this contract and the users accept, declare and undertake that they have read the Privacy Policy clauses, accepted them and that they would comply its content otherwise that  they knew that they shouldn’t provide access to the website or visit, view or use it. 


CNK can apply to any kind of legal actions against user in case of violation of the terms of this contract. Any dispute arising from the usage of the website and service CNK books and records, log records, computer records constitute definitive and exclusive evidence. 


Turkish Law shall be applied in the event of a dispute regarding the website or on the website, the implementation and the interpretation of this agreement. 

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